In the Mayor’s Mailbag: Applause and Anger


The letters and e-mails have poured in to City Hall.

One writer, upset about Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s support for a proposed Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan, suggests that he move to Afghanistan so he can “really cozy up” with the Taliban. Another applauds his position, saying, “It is time for the hatred to stop.”

Mr. Bloomberg’s steadfast defense of the Park51 project — the product of personal history and beliefs — has not swayed since the controversy started, but aides said he has read many of the messages as he absorbs the debate.

What follows are e-mails to Mr. Bloomberg from New Yorkers for and against it. The mayor’s office, which made public a sampling of the e-mails, has redacted the names of the authors, but left their genders and ZIP codes, when available:

You are a coward! You can’t even stand up for the people of New York, you side with the scum of the earth the Muslim Imam! What kind of MAN are you, you yellow belly coward! You need to be impeached! You don’t even know what is going on down there at ground zero, the HOLY GROUND where people have lost love ones! You are going to allow the Muslims build a trophy building there on HOLY GROUND! What kind of person are you to spit in the face of all those people that were lost on 9-11. YOU NEED TO GO!!! Maybe we will ship you over to Afghanistan so you can really cozy up with your new found buddies!
God Help You!

Female name redacted
NY – neighborhood not given

I just wanted to praise you for your remarks from Governors Island today. Your consistent position on this issue is both constitutionally supported and morally just. You do our city and our nation a service by your words and deeds.

Male name redacted
Forrest Hills, NY 11375

I am disappointed and offended with the Major Bloombergs stance on the moslem masque being built 2 blocks away from ground zero. This has totally changed my opinion of the mayor who I had liked and would have voted for IF he ran for President BUT NOT NOW!!!

Female name redacted
NY – neighborhood not given

Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for your decision regarding the building of the mosque near WTC. It was a moving historical explanation of the all the religions that have been denied house of worship when New York City was settled up through the 19th Century. I understand this was a wildly unpopular decision but it was the courageous one. I was downtown for 9-11 and spent a harrowing day getting out. But I believe you did the right thing for the city and for America. All Americans should view your speech in its entirety. Thank you for having the courage to do this.

Female name redacted
New York, NY 10014

I Am A Very Tolerant And Liberal Person…Within Reason…
I Really Dont See Anything Good About Putting A Mosque Near The World Trade Center Site…It Skeeves Me…..If I Saw These People Show How Awful They Feel About What Happened ..Then Maybe…But They Dont Fight Their Own People…I Think They All Hate Us Or Are All Fearful…We Need Them To Build Elsewhere…It Is So Distasteful To Most Of Us…And Isnt That The Way It Should Be…Shouldnt We Have A Say???

Female Name Redacted
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I applaud your support for the Cordoba project. It is time for the hatred to stop and the healing to begin. I am not a Muslim but I believe this cultural center will be an asset to the city. Sincerely yours,

Female Name Redacted
Bronx NY 10463

Hard to believe that you cannot foresee the London Paris problems come to our wonderful New York City should this structure be built at the WWC site. I am one of those New Yorkers who had previously looked for a Michael Bloomberg as President of the USA. Please rethink your stand on this issue. It will be the END of New York City as we know it if this happens.

Female Name Redacted
New York, NY 10003

I would like the thank Mayor Bloomberg for his speech in defense of religious liberty in this country today. His speech in defense of the planned community center 2 blocks from the WTC site was his finest moment as mayor.

Male name redacted
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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