It’s about Character and Judgement

Most people seem to be missing the point on the recent web posts in the Daily Kos. The question is should not be if Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby but rather the questionable decisions she made when she was ready to give birth.


* In April, reportedly 36 weeks pregnant, Palin flew to Dallas to give a speech. Before the speech, she began to leak amniotic fluid. Tough Alaska moose-hunter that she is, she gave the speech anyway. She called her family doctor, who is not an OB-GYN, who allegedly told her it would be OK to fly back to Alaska. For the record, there are hospitals in Dallas.

Having given up the governor’s private plane, Palin flew commercial, not telling Alaska Airlines that she was in labor and that her water had broken. No airline personnel seemed to note her as a woman about to give birth.

Her looooong Dallas to Alaska flight had a stopover in Seattle. There are also hospitals there.

So Palin finally arrived in Anchorage, where the airport (ironically named after Alaska Sen. Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens) is six miles from possibly the best medical facility in the state, Providence Hospital. Providence is one of two hospitals in Anchorage that has a NICU unit, which could come in handy for a 40-plus woman, just off a long flight, about to give birth to a premature baby with Down syndrome.

Palin, however, drove (or was driven) approximately an hour to the much smaller Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer, Alaska, which does not seem to have a NICU unit.

* Palin reportedly gave birth to the baby on April 18. There was no record of the birth on the hospital Web site, although two other babies born that day got photos.

* Palin returned to work three days later. (The Alaska state government may want to improve its maternity leave plan.)

Admittedly, Palin may be nothing more than a tough, loyal Alaskan who wanted to have her Down syndrome baby in her hometown hospital with her hometown doctor so badly, she was willing to fly eight hours and pass up a dozen hospitals better equipped to handle any delivery problems.

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