Democratic Primary: Everyone Loses

The real problem with this prolonged Democratic Primary is that it is causing a schism within the party at a time when the Democrats need to be formulating a strategy to win over the American people in November.  The battle between Obama and Clinton has gotten so bad that each sides supporters vehemently dislikes the opposing candidate.  Clinton voters have said they won’t vote Obama and Obama voters likewise won’t vote for Clinton.  In the end the Democratic Party is the one that is hurt.

I put myself in the category of someone who wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  I’m not saying I couldn’t be persuaded to vote for her should she win the nomination, but, as of today, I would not vote for her because of her campaign and the stubborness she has portrayed.  Her policies are not that impressive to me and I still have yet to be told what her vast experience truely is.  Yes she’s been a senator longer than Obama but what exactly has she done that is so fantastic? And when I say done I mean what policies has she herself pushed for and gotten enacted, not just been a part of.  I will also admit that I just don’t like Hillary Clinton as a person and she seems very disengenuous to me.  Is Obama a saint? No.  But I trust him more and I like the way he seems to unite people instead of divide them.

To me it’s just a terrible time for the Democratic Party to be fighting like this.  George W Bush’s presidency has turned the tide against the American public’s love of the Republican Party.  But with all the squabbling going on with the Democrats they just come off as leaderless and unorganized.  It’s not a definate that this prolonged primary will hurt the Democrats come November.  But I see it being a very real possibility.


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