Fox Goes After Obama

On a 3 hour drive after what many in the industry are calling the worst possible financial situation the country finds its self in, Fox News covered the Bear Stearns meltdown approximately 4-5 minutes for the entire 3 hour period. Fox devoted over 135 minutes covering the Rev. Wright story. That was the leading, middle and ending story for all the Fox programming on Friday afternoon(3/14). They carried the attack over to the following Saturday morning even after a historic tornado struck downtown Atlanta.

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We have seen this tactic before, Fox smothers the airwaves with a story and the other news outlets start to pick up on the story as well. It doesn’t matter if its valid or not.

Good thing the church is fighting back. >>> Story here <<<

Here are previous attacks


One response to “Fox Goes After Obama

  1. there is no way for that racebaiting POS to defend himself. His sermons were very clear on what he thought about our country and whites. Of course he’s an idiot racist pig..normally to be laughed at.. but his deep involvement with a presidential candidate is HUGE. Obama’s weak stab to say he knew nothing of the hate speech wsa really sad. Just imagine if that had been a white pastor sayings things about blacks while a white candidate was intertrwined with him. There would be riots and calls for him to step down. Looks to me like FOX is the only station willing to expose this hatemongering and the collusion and snake oil of Obama….where is the rest of the media on this?… They had no problem attacking Romney’s religion… Me thinks the bias is out in full force.

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