Just Wanted To Let You Know…

I don’t know if you’ve heard already, but this summer a $600 check ($1,200 for couples) will be headed your way courtesy of the U.S. government.  Yes, the wizards in Washington felt that the best way to jumpstart the sputtering economy would be to give everyone a few extra dollars.  They hope that you’ll spend that money though, according to early reports, most people are planning on saving that money or paying of their credit debt.  With gas prices rising these days I’m sure most of the money will go towards your car anyways.  But, sending the taxpayers a refund just isn’t enough for the government.  They want to make sure you are well aware that a check is in the mail by sending letters to everyone.  The cost for this mass mailing? Only $42 million of your tax dollars.  Nothing to large I assure you.


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