The Cost of War

A friend of mine brought to my attention this NY Time article about the cost of the Iraq War.  A Congressional panel stated that the war would cost taxpayers an estonishing $2 Trillion over its duration, and maybe even more depending on how long the war continues.  What amazes me is how President Bush was able to run on the ticket of fiscal conservatism and his administration has produced the largest federal deficit in history, as well as the most expensive war in the history of our country.  A war that, sad to say, may never result in a clear victory for the U.S. and our security.  In my opinion the Iraq War will go down as one of the biggest miscalculations and disasters in history. 


3 responses to “The Cost of War

  1. stuckincottagegrove

    And Bush will go down as the worst president in our history. I truly believe that he will someday be considered a war criminal.

  2. controlling chaos

    beside the life of people, all that time, energy and money could have been helping people in the states and else where. The Iraq war makes was a mistake. How can the the USA take it all out on Iraq. It was only a few people from various countries who made 9/11 happen. I hope the next president can clear things up.

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