Looking Back…

Why would anybody pay any credence to anything Bill Kristol says?

“Look, I would be shocked if we don’t find weapons of mass destruction. I think that’s one of the main rationales for the war, and if we don’t find them, we would have been wrong at least in arguing that he had them. We wouldn’t have been wrong that he had had them, we wouldn’t be wrong he was a threat to have them. I expect us to find them, and if we don’t find them that would undercut, in part, the rationale for the war…I would agree that if after the war we aren’t treated more or less as a liberating force…then that would also be a rebuke to the Bush administration and those of us who counseled that this war was just and necessary. I accept the possibility that I’m wrong. I hope and pray that I’m not…obviously that would be a great blow if Saddam has not been developing weapons of mass destruction.”

– Bill Kristol – March, 28, 2003 C-Span appearance


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